Sunday, November 14, 2010

New Watercolor Completed - "Autumn's Jewels"

I completed a new watercolor painting tonight.  It measures 6" x 10" on 140 lb watercolor paper.  I used Susan Harrison Tustain's technique of underpainting it in yellows.  I do think the underpainting helped it achieve a certain glow that I would not have seen otherwise.  I have named it "Autumn's Jewels". 

I am certainly enjoying working with watercolors, more so than I anticipated.  I do have another painting that I want to start in the morning in watercolor.  This time it will be a winter scene. After that, I have a couple of paintings in oil that I want to do.  ... so looking forward to my time in the studio tomorrow.

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  1. It glows indeed!! I've tried painting leaves before and always lose the luminoscity somehow. My mother taught me an exercise where you paint an underpainting, then negative paint behind a few leaf shapes. You continue to lay down layers of new leaf shapes and negative paint behind those and the preceeding leaf shapes. It creates a "pile" of leaves". Hers look sunlit and beautiful and mine invariably look like a leaf pile after a muddy rain. Oh well. Yours are FANTASTIC!