Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Scratchboard Adventures Continue...

Since discovering scratchboard five weeks ago, I have become completely hooked! This is such a fun medium to work with.  The details that can be obtained are amazing, and I am only just beginning.

Here are a few of my recent projects...

"Angel 2"
8 x 10

"Orchid 1"
8 x 10
scratchboard and ink

8 x 10

I am still working on the next one. I call it "Stories to Tell".  I was attracted to this piece because of the challenges involved;  flesh instead of fur, the various clothing textures (especially the knitted caps) and the challenge of doing a human portrait.  So far I am very pleased with the results.

"Stories to Tell"
work in progress
8 x 10

Finally I am working on an orangutan portrait.  Yes, challenged again by the various textures, especially the wrinkled skin and dynamic eyes. ... also an 8 x 10.

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