Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Pink Tulips

I started another painting today... I just couldn't wait to have something else on the easel!  The working title for this piece is Pink Tulips.  Hopefully I will be able to come up with something a bit more creative for a title.  It is 20" x 24" on stretched canvas.    The first picture was taken after I had just blocked in the basic colors. 

The second was taken after I had spent a couple of more hours on it, adjusting the colors and adding a few more details.   Hope you enjoy watching the process. 


  1. Beautiful...and large! I bet it takes your breath when seeing these pretty bloomers in person! Wow, Beth! You work fast!

    The studio is really coming along! So exciting!

  2. So far the consensus is that my oversized flowers will probably be the series that sells better than anything else I have done. Everyone seems to like them. These larger canvases actually make me want to work in something even larger... crazy, huh?