Saturday, November 28, 2009

Other recent works. . .

Since I am trying to update this site daily, I thought I would add a few of my other works for all to see. 

This is a drawing of Mabry Mill, done in pastels.  I really like the pastel medium because it is so spontaneous. . .  a lot like coloring with crayons.
Needless to say, working with oils is teaching me patience.

This is another pastel drawing that I call "Light of the Word".  It is on a sand coated paper.  I like the way the colors showed up so brilliantly, but it was almost painful to watch the pastels get used up.  Constantly drawing on this kind of paper could get expensive.

This is a pencil drawing I call "Along the Parkway".  I have sold a couple of prints of it and also have it available as notecards.  All of my prints and notecards that are for sale can be seen on my website at Primrose Lane.

This is another portrait of Lily that I completed recently.  It is done in pastel pencils.  She is reading her favorite book "Brown Bear, What do you see?"  This was the first project I completed while in Lorelle Bacons art class.  She was really helpful in showing me how to look at the fine details and subtle nuances that make all the difference in portraits.

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