Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Boxer 1 in Oils

I decided last week that I needed to create a dog portrait to keep on hand to use as a sample at my art shows.  So far, all the great ones are commissioned pieces that have already found new homes to go to.  Hmmm... who would I choose?

If you have been watching my recent posts, you have already met my little buddy "Boxer 1" through a pen & ink that I drew. This little guy has so much personality in his face, and great coloring as well.  Would he be the one to inspire me? Yep!  "Buddy" is the one!   (Am I the only one out there who talks to their paintings and gives them names?  If so, we may have to find me some medication. )

Anyway, I started him yesterday evening and worked on him late into the night.   After a wonderful breakfast of homemade waffles made by my loving husband (Thank you, Darling!) I got back to work.

My studio is not yet completed, so I am currently working with a makeshift set-up in the guest bedroom.  Here is what it looks like... I apologize for the glare on the painting.  I have a better close up of it to follow.  I really like using my laptop to display the reference photo as I paint.  It allows me to zoom in and see the littlest details.

Here is the close up of the painting so far....  Hopefully I will be able to finish it this afternoon.

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