Monday, June 21, 2010

"Art in Bloom" event

Our local Black Mountain Center for the Arts has an annual event called "Art in Bloom".  There are several facets of the event - a tea party and fashion show, a gallery full of floral arrangements inspired by specific pieces of art. (The floral arrangements are on display with the art that inspired them.) There is also a garden tour.  This year the gardens were those owned by various artists.  In addition, other artists, including myself, were invited to come to the gardens and paint during the 2 days of the tour.  On Sunday afternoon our paintings were on display at the Art Center.  I found out this afternoon that mine sold.  Whoohoo! It was purchased by the owners of the house where I was painting.  I am thrilled that they bought it... I think it belonged there.  Here it is for you to see:

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